Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Our experts have exceptional skills and knowledge of latest techniques and best marketing strategies of digital media. Our unique ways and strategic plans make us prominent in all media circles

Creative Strategy

Our creativity and innovative ideas help you get your dreams come true. The production including all the four phases is handled with outstanding care. The whole journey from strategic production to the final output is speedy and impeccable in terms of everything. We provide you creative strategies, creative planning and creative solutions to add a value to your product by giving it a clear purpose. We feel proud to offer the finest content strategies, powerful scriptwriting and the best visual representation.

Video production

It’s a proven fact that videos are the best medium to get your message reach the targeted audience more effectively leaving a lasting impression on their memories. Videos are considered the best in educating shaping and molding people’s opinion. So a strategic planning of creative content is a must to do thing build a strong bond between you and your audience.  In video production we cover the following areas. 

  • Documentaries
  • Corporate Videos
  • Brand Videos
  • Video Promos
  • Event Coverage

Post Production

Once the video has been made then comes the step of making the right adjustments and combinations to the video to make it a unique one among all of its kind.  At Multiverse, the presence of latest equipment, state of the art machinery and amazingly talented artists will definitely surprise you with their awesome effects and blends. We add a value and a purpose to your content through content editing, special effects and sound editing, adding animations or by adding high quality motion graphics we simply provide you the best


An expressive medium, where you simply freeze the moments which you like. We know the importance of a photo in this digital world, where the most conversation has been even replaced with images. To make your photography a real success our well trained and talented photographers are at your service. They design a superb environment for you the way you want your product to be captured. Our photographers are equally good at event photography, fashion photography, commercial photography etc

Digital Advertising

We provide ultimate marketing solution to our clients. To give our clients a competitive edge, we provide top quality marketing strategies so they could move with their product winning a large number of satisfied customers. We help you to create brand awareness among your targeted audience and enable you to stand with a distinctive status in the market. We help you to reach your target clients with the best suitable marketing plan. The more you advertise your product in the digital world the more you win the potential users


We help you to get your project rock the market with the best of our resources. We provide you manpower that are the finest in their respective fields, talented artists and hi tech equipment pave your way to fly and join the stars enjoying a lasting shine and perfect height

Event Management

No one can deny the impact of mega events, they undoubtedly are the perfect medium to reach one’s large audience and to get attention of mass number of people in the most effective manner. So we are here to plan your event and provide you the best social opportunity beyond everyday experience by organising an awesome mega event as per your requirement. Let’s attract your national and international attendees and media attention along with mass coverage with the help of our exceptionally talented experts.

In this regard EFP and ENG, both the studio techniques, are used to make your event one of the best attractions around the globe.


We serve you to have your video produced outside the studio whether in a special venue or some other practical location as preferred by you, our worthy client. We respect your suggestions and design the chosen and the most effective formal event. Our professionals love to capture your event with their best videography, incredible photography, advanced graphics, and perfect sound to make you enjoy a haunting event


Though not frequently used nowadays, but a very good technique to cover and present the news with the help of video and audio technologies. Our skilled workmen would love to help you to cover a news in the most professional manner and ensure to provide you the best requisite sources